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Easily see how your data is used across all Sane.Agnecy hosted services.

Contact our Data Protection Officer

Need to get in touch? We’d love to hear from you – so send us a DM on or send an email to if that’s more your thing. Our appointed DPO is Jessica Sutherland.

Delete, takeaway or amend your data

Exercise your Data Subject Access Rights (DSAR) by pressing the button below – its quick and easy.

Cookies? Chocolate?

Yeah, cookies was a bad naming choice, Lou Montulli. But anyway, see how we use cookies and personalize your experience – or turn it off to prevent fingerprinting.

Vendor Risk Management? What on Earth is that?

Let’s explain what a sub processor and vendor is, and how we make sure the services we use aren’t playing dirty.

Access privacy focused mirrors

You can be super-dooper sneaky and access one of our privacy mirrors. These are copies of our website without any scripts, just static pages. You can access them through the Tor network, for complete anonymity.

To access the latest URL for Sane.Onion hosted services, go to

How we collect analytics

To collect analytics, we don’t work with the Big D (Data, in case you were wondering) – instead we only collect what we really need, and that doesn’t include any personal information. You can see exactly what we see on our public dashboard.

Overviews & policies

See all the services we use, the data they collect, their privacy policies and more. You can also see the full policies.

Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land upon which Sane.Agency stands, and pay respects to elders: past, present and emerging.

Hosted Services

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Reach out to us with all questions and queries regarding Sane.Agency Hosted Services.

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For privacy related concerns

Privacy Policy

Data Services

Want to delete, get a copy of or amend your data?

It’s your right to be able to amend, delete or takeaway your data. Press the button below to begin the process – it’ll only take a minute.

You can! Our policies are the same for almost everywhere in the world, so everyone gets equal data rights.

You can exercise your right to have your data changed, have your data deleted. receive a copy of your data, have your data processing restricted, or opt-out of future processing.

  • We need at least…
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Country of Residence
  • And may require…
  • Full Address
  • Last four credit card digits
  • Identity Check (A selfie with valid photo ID)

Look, we’re gonna be honest – we don’t know. It’s different for every case – but in general it’s not exactly a fast process. We work as quickly as possible, so most of it’s waiting on our vendors to get back to us.

Data can take months to delete from historic backups, and credit card info can pass through and be stored by 100s of banks.

We’d love to hear from you! Send us a DM on, or email if that’s more your thing.

Privacy Policy

Cookies & Experience Personalization

Let's explain what cookies are, and what we use them for.

These aren't like the ones in the jar.

Cookies are little files we leave behind on your computer when you do something on our website, so we can improve your experience. These include saving your shopping cart, changing languages, keeping you logged in and showing you a dark version of our site.

Cookies can also be used for analytics, but we don’t use them for this. We do use them for security though, not that you’ll ever notice it unless your doing something naughty.

How do I turn this all off?

We get it, personalization can lead to fingerprinting. So turn off cookies in your browser’s settings. (You may notice some functionality doesn’t work as expected) For more information on fingerprinting, click here.

If you use another device, you’ll need to turn off cookies on that as well.

How else do we personalize your experience?

We don’t like bright light in our eyes when were browsing the web at 11pm either, so we get your device’s preferred color option and change our site from light to dark if you want. (prefers-color-scheme)

This goes without saying, but if your using a smaller screen, you’ll get a mobile website. We use media queries for this. So does every site since 2012.

We plan to use (prefers-reduced-motion) to allow you to reduce the amount of animations and movement on our websites. Once supported, you should be able to turn this on in your browser’s settings.

Privacy Policy

Sub processors and vendors

Let's explain our data processing agreements and vendor risk management.

What is a sub processor and vendor?

Sub processors and vendors are the tools, apps and companies we use to carry out our business operations and mission to conquer the universe. We prioritize open source solutions, and never use companies who believe to be ethically unsound. Yes, that includes Google.

Data Processing Agreements

Because the things we use also use things that use other things, we sign data processing agreements with our vendors and service providers, which let us see where your data goes through at a glance. We are signing DPAs with our security suite as we speak.

How do we manage potential risks with vendors?

We use vendor risk management software from multiple sources to ensure we stay on top of our vendors privacy policies and security risks. We also regularly audit our vendors and find better solutions, even for no apparent reason.